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The Pike Christian Academy Drama Club will present "All in Good Time" at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 at the Pike Christian Academy high school.

"All in Good Time" is a "time-travel story" with period background music and dancing, according to Jackie Jayne, the director of the play.

"Ive actually had this script for several years," said Jayne. "I found it and started modifying it back in 2011, but I never was satisfied enough to actually try staging it. This just seemed to be a good year for it."

"All in Good Time" is the 11th spring production presented by students at Pike Christian Academy.

Approximately 24 to 25 students auditioned for roles in the play. Twenty-four students in 5th through 11th grade were selected as cast members.

"Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of casting in some manner nearly everyone who auditions," Jayne said.

Jayne starts the cast member selection process by giving audition scripts to students about a week prior to audition.

"They then read in front of three judges for the part that they are most interested in receiving," she said. "Usually we all three agree on the cast immediately, but sometimes it takes a couple of hours of deliberation."

According to Jayne, rehearsals can be "rough."

"I try to work around other things that are scheduled, so it's been difficult to have rehearsals with everyone there," Jane said. "We start off with twice a week, but only certain people are required at certain rehearsals. Then, about a month ago, everyone was necessary at all rehearsals, and they (increased rehearsal time) to three times a week"

The most challenging part of producing "All in Good Time" has been her own ill health, Jayne said.

"I got hit with two bouts of flu this year. I missed a week of school in March, which canceled rehearsals," she said. "Then, as soon as I appeared to be completely over it, it hit again at the beginning of April, so there went another week."

Due to the simplicity of the set, few volunteers have been needed in producing the play, according to Jayne.

"Lori Bakenhaster really came through for me when I was out sick," Jayne said. "That was a great help. My sister-in-law, Evelyn Burchett, helped with the auditions and some of the rehearsals. Sheila Torres from El Charro loaned me the tables and stools for the set. And my husband, Tim Jayne, of course, has no choice but to volunteer in the sound booth."

The most rewarding aspect of directing "All in Good Time" is "seeing students who tend to be shy get up and perform, and also seeing students take on leadership roles," said Jayne. "They are all so capable of doing more than they think they can. When they realize that, it's very rewarding to see."

"All in Good Time" cast members include (in order of appearance): Emily Ingram (Abigail), Hope Russell (Dominique), Audrianna Salyers (Traveler 5683), Josh LeHew (Soda Jerk), Landon Lundy (Soda Jerk), Slater Bakenhaster (Pete), Joeslyn Walters (Sally), Jessica Rexroad (Laurie), Micah LeHew (Mike), Andrew Minney (Bernard), Nathanial Burchett (Herbert), Emily Fyffe (Beverly), Hope Russell (Joan), Shaunta Garman (Mildred), Abbi Montgomery (Katherine), Michael Copper (Eugene), Paul Rittenour (Norman), Leah Walters (Agnes), Makenzie Varney (Gladys), Bailey Chancey (Frances), Justin Brown (Raymond) and Slater Bakenhaster (Chester).

Also assisting with the production are Evelyn Burchett and Shaunta Garman (hair and makeup), Tim Jayne (technical director), Tommy Garman and Tim Jayne (sound and lights), Elayna Burchett, Simon Dempsey and Kolton Ward (crew) and Treasured Images Photography (cast photos).

Tickets will be available at the door for $5 per person or $15 per family.

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