Noah Nichols

Noah Nichols

The Southeast District of the Ohio Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association recently released its list of honors. The following team listings include the athlete, their school, their grade level, and position played if available.

Division 1 First Team: James Smith, Logan, 12; Christian Swart, Logan, 12; Brady Wood, Chillicothe.

Division 1 Second Team: Danny Bentley, Chillicothe; Michael Lapurga, Chillicothe; Riley Primmer, Logan, 12.

Division 1 Honorable Mention: Nathan Allen, Logan, 12; Jacob Coffland, Chillicothe; Clutch Poling, Logan, 12; Mason Siberell, Chillicothe.

Boys Division 1 Player of the Year: Christian Swart, Logan

Division 2 First Team: Braeden Bergstrom, McClain, 12, MD; Caleb Boyer, Waverly, 11, F; Ty Broermann, Jackson, 12, GK; Connor Bucher, Miami Trace, 11, MD; Will Bullock, Circleville, 12, MD; Adam Coil, Marietta, 12, D; Adam Cunningham, Circleville, 12, D; Kyler D’Augustino, Alexander, 10, F; Collin Ghearing, Jackson, 12, MD; Lucas Hanes, Unioto, 9, F; Aaron Haynes, Waverly, 11, GK; Caleb Hazelbaker, Portsmouth West, 12; Ethan Kerns, Unioto, 12, MD; Tyler McClellan, Fairfield Union; Brayden McConnell, Warren, 12, MD/D; Donovan O’Malley, Athens, 12, F; Gavin Ott, Warren, 12, MD; Noah Reeves, McClain, 12, GK; Colton Roe, Gallia Academy, 12, F; Braulio Rosas-Clouse, Athens; David Sarver, Marietta, 11, MD; Austin Shields, Alexander, 12, MD; Ethan Steele, Miami Trace, 12, GK; Maverick Stone, Portsmouth West, 12, F; Landon Weber, Hillsboro, 11, F; Logan Weber, Hillsboro, 12, MD; Brody Wilt, Gallia Academy, 11, MD/F.

Division 2 Second Team: Bryson Badgley, McClain, 11, F; Connor Ball, Jackson, 10, D/MD; Max Brooks, Circleville, 12, MD; Christian Caldwell, Miami Trace, 12, F; Maddux Camden, Gallia Academy, 10, MD; Ben Goodman, Warren, 11, MD; Tyler Fritchley, Alexander, 12, F; Jaden Haldeman, Miami Trace, 12, D; Brady Jaunarajs, Athens, 10; Isaac Kuhn, Jackson, 12, F/D; Richie Lester, McClain, 12, MD; Kyle Mahoney, Warren, 12, D; Ethan Marasek, Portsmouth West, 12, MD; Brody McGregor, Marietta, 10, F; River Pettigrew, Unioto, 9, MD; Charles Phillips, Hillsboro, 11, MD; Caleb Redding, Fairfield Union; Ronnie Rowley, Fairfield Union; Dylan Schurman, Hillsboro, 11, D; Keagan Smith, Waverly, 11, F; Charlie Strohm, Athens, 12, D; Drake Teeters, Waverly, 11, D; Mac Threatt, Marietta, 9, F; Austin Throckmorton, Portsmouth West, 12, D; Bode Wamsley, Gallia Academy, 12, D; Jayce Wingo, Unioto, 12, D; Isaac York, Alexander, 12, D; Eddy Zheng, Circleville, 11, D.

Division 2 Honorable Mention: Jase Allison, McClain, 11, MD/D; Nick Burns, Circleville, 11, GK; Noah Collins, Jackson, 12, MD; Antonia Cruz, Unioto, 11, D; Mason DuBois, Fairfield Union; Brady Evans, Athens; Todd Ford, Miami Trace, 11, D; Shane Gardner, Warren, 12, MD; Jantzen Gebczyk, Marietta, 12, D; Bodie Hammack, Fairfield Union; Johnny Hatfield, Hillsboro, 12, MD; Logan Johnson, Miami Trace, 11, MD; Britton Kritzwiser, Waverly, 11, MD; Waylon Lamerson Waverly, 11, D; Jared Opperman, Portsmouth West, 12, GK; Landon Perkins, Portsmouth West, 11, MD; Dylan Rigsby, Hillsboro, 11, D; Ayden Roettker, Gallia Academy, 11, D; Nick Rothe, Circleville, 12, MD; Luke Scanlan, Athens; Marshall Sloter, Warren, 12, MD; JC Stark, Unioto, 10, MD; Dalton Vanco, Gallia Academy, 12, F; TJ Yogt, Alexander, 12, D; Cayden Wheeler, Marietta, 11, MD; Lyle White McClain, 12, D; Broc Williams, Jackson, 11, D; Clayton Williams, Alexander, 12, GK.

Boys Division 2 Player of the Year: Ethan Kerns, Unioto

Boys Division 2 Coach of the Year: Kirk Crow, Alexander

Boys Division 2 Assistant Coach of the Year: Colten Holdren, Marietta

Division 3 First Team: Braylon Balandra, South Point, 10, F; Hunter Balon, Lynchburg-Clay, 12, MD; Caden Banks, Minford, 12, D; Braxton Blanton, West Union, 12, GK; Bryce Bolestra, St. Joseph Central, 12, MD; Ryan Boone, Winchester Eastern, 12; Andrew Brand, North Adams, 12, D; Brycen Carver, Northwest, 12, D; Clay Cottle, Portsmouth Clay, 12, D; Tryvin Craft, Portsmouth Clay; Logan Davis, Wheelersburg, 12, D; Dylan Dehart, Northwest, 12, MD; Parker George, Southeastern, 11, F; Eric Green, Wheelersburg, 12, GK; Jayden Hesler, North Adams, 12, F; AJ Johnson, Valley, 12, MD; Aaron Jolly, Wheelersburg, 12, F; Skyler Knore, Minford, 12, MD; Jacob Lenox, Southeastern, 11, D; Tyler Lilly, South Point, 12, MD; Jimmy Malmeister, St. Joseph Central, 12, GK; Ethan Nelson, Zane Trace, 11, MD; Noah Nichols, Piketon, 12, MD; Jacob Polcyn, Fairland, 12, GK; Jackson Rowe, St. Joseph Central, 12, F; Kyle Sexton, Glenwood, 12, D; Sam Simpson, Rock Hill, 10, F; Austin Sommers, Valley, 11, F; Reese Teeters, Fairfield Leesburg, 11, F/MD; Connor Tyree, Lynchburg-Clay, 12, F; Seth Vogel, North Adams, 12, F; Tanner Voiers, Glenwood, 12, F; Spencer Wycinski, Zane Trace, 12, F; Trae Zimmerman, South Webster, 11, F.

Division 3 Second Team: Kyle Badgett, South Point, 12 D; Clayton Bloss, Fairland, 12, D; Nathan Brown, Lynchburg-Clay, 11, D; Harrison Burge, Lynchburg-Clay, 11, F/MD; Hunter Burns, Fairfield Leesburg, 11, GK; Ehan Carroll, Southeastern 11 MD; Adam Crank, Minford, 10, MD; Andrew Cumberland, Lynchburg-Clay, 11,D; JC Damron, St. Joseph Central, 12, MD; Jerry Ebert, Zane Trace, 12, D; Austin Gosselin, Glenwood, 12, MD; Max Hagans, Wheelersburg, 9, MD; Josh Helton, South Point, 11, MD; JR Holbrook, Valley, 10, MD; Hunter Hoop, North Adams, 12, MD; Dalton Jackson, Glenwood, 10, D; Brayden Jarrel, Zane Trace, 11, MD; Jay Jenkins, Northwest, 9, MD; Jaymes Jones, Portsmouth Clay, 12, MD; Parker Knipp, Rock Hill, 12, D; Shaden Malone, Portsmouth Clay, 12, GK/F; Zanc Miller, Minford, 11, F; Dane Morgensen, Piketon, 10, MD; Sage Rider, Piketon, 11, D; Zach Roth, Portsmouth; Tryston Robinson, South Webster, 12, D; Braxton Sammons, Wheelersburg, 11, MD; Jacob Saxby, Wheelersburg, 11, F; Logan Shephard, Northwest, 9 GK; Bryce Stuart, Valley, 11, MD; Zachary Stewart, Fairland, 12, D; Andres Vargas, Winchester Eastern, 12; Lane Wagner, North Adams, 11, D; Isiah Wuest, West Union, 11.

Division 3 Honorable Mention: Mathew Allen, South Point, 12, D; Kevin Alvarez, West Union, 12, MD; Aiden Andrews, South Webster, 12, MD; Samuel Bartosek, Piketon, 12, MD; Jayden Berry, Zane Trace, 12, MD; Michael Bonilla, Winchester Brown, 11; Levi Bruch, Northwest, 9, D; Garrett Bunn, North Adams, 11, MD; Kyle Butler, Northwest, 12, MD; Luke Corcoran, Southeastern, 11, MD; Carter Crawford, North Adams, 12, D; Preslee Etterling, Wheelersburg, 11, D; Jared Gahm, Valley, 12, D; Ethan Hanks, Zane Trace, 11, F; Wesley Holbrook, Valley, 12, GK; Brian Hunt, West Union, 12, MD; Preston Jackson, Glenwood, 10, F; Jaden Jessee, Portsmouth Clay, 12, D; Lane Jordan, Wheelersburg, 12, MD; Jesse Lewis, Fairland, 12, MD; Jacob Lewis, Minford, 11, D; Jaren Lower, South Webster, 10, GK; Adam Macrum, Fairland, 12, MD; Jacob Maze, Belpre; Gabe Morgensen, Piketon, 11, MD; Charlie Neal, Minford, 10, D; Mason Parkes, Rock Hill, 12, D; Nate Penn, Portsmouth Clay, 11, MD; Trey Pitzer, Lynchburg-Clay, 10, F/MD; Hunter Rose, Winchester Brown, 11, GK; Alonso Salinas, Portsmouth; Matthew Sheridan, St. Joseph Central, 11, MD; Austin Thompson, Southeastern, 11, GK/D; Connor Van Fossen, Belpre; Brady Voiers, Glenwood, 11, GK; Zane Walters, South Point, 12, D; Max Weber, St. Joseph Central, 12, D; Landon West, Lynchburg-Clay, 10, F/MD; Blake Wilson, Rock Hill, 11, GK; Brayden Zimmerman, Fairfield Leesburg, 11, MD; Koben Zink, Fairfield Leesburg, 11, F/MD; Jayvon Zurborg, Portsmouth

Boys Division 3 Player of the Year: Aaron Jolly, Wheelersburg

Boys Division 3 Coach of the Year: Jon Estep, Wheelersburg

Boys Division 3 Assistant Coach of the Year: Jacob Perry, Valley

Ron Pinsenshaum Award: Todd Morris, Marietta

Referee(s) of the Year: Mark Wiley, Robert Krauss

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