CHILLICOTHE — Southern Ohio Sports Authority is proud to announce its inaugural spring All-Star Games, which will take place on June 17, 2019 at Unioto High School.

In case of rain, a makeup date has been set for June 18. The event, which is slated to begin at 4:30 p.m., will feature over 80 high school baseball and softball athletes from around the Southeast District … most of whom were awarded with all-conference or all-district honors following the end of their high school seasons.

• There will be a total of four games played, two baseball and two softball, in back-to-back format. Each game will consist of seven innings and will be played by OHSAA rules.

• Admission is $5 per person and concessions will be provided. Mile Tree Screen Printing, LLC will also be on hand selling t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise.

• Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Tristan Miller Music Foundation and the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation.

Local businesses or business persons can donate to or become a sponsor for the event. For those interested, please contact


SOSA RED vs. SOSA GREY, 4:30 p.m.

SOSA BLACK vs. SOSA WHITE, 6:30 p.m.


Name School Grade Team

Billy Jones South Webster 10 RED

Drew Seymour Chillicothe 10 RED

Jaden McNish Chillicothe 12 RED

Zach Coates Chillicothe 12 RED

Eric Corzatt Westfall 12 RED

Connor Spohn Westfall 11 RED

Ethan Lauder Minford 12 RED

Jalen Miller Wheelersburg 12 RED

Cole Ratcliff Wheelersburg 11 RED

Athan Temponeras Wheelersburg 12 RED

Connor McCloy Unioto 11 RED

COACH: Anthony Knittel, Minford

Aaron Gillum Southeastern 11 GREY

Bryce McWhorter Southeastern 11 GREY

Dylan Bradford West 12 GREY

Garrett Hurd West 12 GREY

Luke Blackburn Westfall 10 GREY

Matt Baemel Westfall 12 GREY

Chad Ison Zane Trace 12 GREY

Cam Farley Zane Trace 11 GREY

Lane Larson Zane Trace 11 GREY

Brice Graham Jackson 12 GREY

Dakota Dodds Clay 11 GREY

Drew Batson Miami Trace 12 GREY

Austin Mathews Miami Trace 12 GREY

COACH: Ron Free, Southeastern

Kannon Pack Piketon 12 BLACK

Jacob Mathews Piketon 11 BLACK

Kaden Riffe Chillicothe 10 BLACK

Daniel Haller Chillicothe 12 BLACK

Luke Lindamood Minford 12 BLACK

Tanner Cunningham Valley 12 BLACK

Jared Morrow Valley 12 BLACK

Hunter Lahrmer Oak Hill 12 BLACK

Derek Eblin Waverly 10 BLACK

Tucker Tackett Waverly 12 BLACK

Ian Gillen Waverly 12 BLACK

Jeremy Lambert Unioto 11 BLACK

Josh Lambert Unioto 11 BLACK

COACH: Jonathan Teeters, Piketon

Ethan Kunkel Adena 12 WHITE

Garrett Wilburn Adena 12 WHITE

Zach Fout Adena 12 WHITE

John Salyers McClain 12 WHITE

Eric Anderson McClain 12 WHITE

Lane Mettler Paint Valley 11 WHITE

Brock Blanton Paint Valley 10 WHITE

Dane Miller Paint Valley 11 WHITE

Gavin Free Huntington 10 WHITE

Elijah McCloskey Huntington 12 WHITE

Weston Roop Huntington 10 WHITE

Connor Mullins Wheelersburg 12 WHITE

Trey Carter Wheelersburg 12 WHITE

Nate Keiser Unioto 11 WHITE

COACH: Tom Barr, Adena


SOSA RED vs. SOSA GREY, 4:30 p.m.

SOSA BLACK vs. SOSA WHITE, 6:30 p.m.


Name School Grade Team

Josie Williams Westfall 11 RED

Liz Stonerock Westfall 11 RED

Ayzia Fullen Westfall 11 RED

Jayla Campbell Unioto 12 RED

Brittani Wolfenbarker Minford 11 RED

Hannah Tolle Minford 11 RED

Kylee Bako Jackson 11 RED

Laiken Rice Northwest 12 RED

Jaclyn Burchett Northwest 11 RED

Addi Newman Northwest 11 RED

Lexi Lute Northwest NA RED

Zoiee Smith Waverly 10 RED

Hailey Robinson Waverly 12 RED

Hannah Robinson Waverly 12 RED

COACH: Scott Hayes, Waverly

Kylee Kellough Huntington 10 GREY

Lillie Snyder Huntington 10 GREY

Evie Bennett Zane Trace 12 GREY

Alexis Guffey Zane Trace 10 GREY

Kailey Adkins Oak Hill 10 GREY

Christen Risner Wheelersburg 12 GREY

Laney Eller Wheelersburg 10 GREY

Ava Jenkins Green 10 GREY

Rachael Cline Green 11 GREY

Kasey Kimbler Green 9 GREY

Abbi Pack West 11 GREY

Abbie Boland West 9 GREY

COACH: Spenser Smith, Huntington

Olivia Wolfe Miami Trace 12 BLACK

Savannah Smith Paint Valley 12 BLACK

Olivia Smith Paint Valley 9 BLACK

Abbi Stanforth Paint Valley 9 BLACK

Jayla Brown Chillicothe 12 BLACK

Alysia Cunningham Chillicothe 11 BLACK

Jade Johnson Adena 12 BLACK

Liv Sheppard Adena 12 BLACK

Preslee Lutz Clay 9 BLACK

Laney Ayers West 11 BLACK

Nataya Richards West 9 BLACK

Claire Dettwiller Notre Dame 10 BLACK

COACH: Ryan Smith, Paint Valley

Avery Miller Unioto 9 WHITE

Jade Zickafoose Unioto 10 GREY

Carissa Wheeler Unioto 9 WHITE

Haley Holt Unioto 11 WHITE

Jerzi Paul Unioto 11 WHITE

Lea McFadden Paint Valley 12 WHITE

Haylee Vaughn Paint Valley 10 WHITE

Sydney Spence Wheelersburg 11 WHITE

Madison Perry Portsmouth 9 WHITE

Jacqueline Bautista Portsmouth 11 WHITE

Ali Escamilla East 11 WHITE

Hannah Ginn East 12 WHITE

COACH: Rob Hull, Unioto

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