Brock Adams

Brock Adams

Southern Ohio Conference Division II Football Honorees 2021

First Team: Wheelersburg’s Carson Williams, Eric Lattimore, Ethan Glover, Braxton Sammons, Brock Brumfield, Josh Clark, Caleb Miller and Gabe Welch; Waverly’s Wade Futhey, Will Futhey, Mark Stulley, Penn Morrison, and Wyatt Crabtree; Minford’s Trenton Zimmerman, Devin Parker, Hunter Pendleton, and Jeffrey Pica; West’s Ryan Sissel, Mitchell Irwin and Jeffery Bishop; Valley’s Chase Morrow and George Arnett; Oak Hill’s Evan Fisher.

Second Team: Wheelersburg’s Josh Boggs, Hunter Thomas, and Casey Doerr; Waverly’s J.T. Barnett, Cai Marquez, and Brock Adams; Minford’s Ethan Connally and Hayden Henthorn; West’s Ashton Klaiber and Gabe Myers; Valley’s Colt Buckle; Oak Hill’s Aden Ford and Connor Stout.

SOC II Final Team Standings: 1. Wheelersburg, 2. Waverly, 3. Minford, 4. West, 5. Valley, 6. Oak Hill.

SOC II Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Waverly’s Wade Futhey and West’s Ryan Sissel

SOC II Defensive Player of the Year: Wheelersburg’s Carson Williams

SOC II Lineman of the Year: Oak Hill’s Evan Fisher

SOC II Coach of the Year: Wheelersburg’s Rob Woodward

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