Hallie Oyer

Hallie Oyer

Southern Ohio Conference Division II Volleyball Honorees 2021

First Team: South Webster’s Faith Maloney, Bri Claxon, Graci Claxon, and Bella Claxon; Wheelersburg’s Ryleigh Meeker, Makenna Walker, and Catie Boggs; Waverly’s Kelli Stewart and Hallie Oyer; Northwest’s Reagan Lewis and Ava Jenkins; West’s Maaelynn Howell; Eastern’s Addison Cochenour; Minford’s Kynedi Davis; Oak Hill’s Chloe Chambers; Valley’s Haley Whitt.

Second Team: South Webster’s Skylar Zimmerman and Rylee McGraw; Wheelersburg’s Madie Mays and Lexie Rucker; Waverly’s Sarah Thompson and Annie Silcott; Northwest’s Abby Springs and Kloe Montgomery; West’s Emma Sayre; Eastern’s Megan Nickell; Minford’s Lindsee Williams; Oak Hill’s Baylee Howell; Valley’s Emilie Johnson.

League Champion: South Webster

Final Team Standings: 1. South Webster, 2. Wheelersburg, 3T. Waverly, 3T. Northwest, 5. West, 6, Oak Hill, 7T. Eastern, 7T. Minford, 9. Valley

SOC II Player of the Year: South Webster’s Faith Maloney

SOC II Defensive Player of the Year: South Webster’s Graci Claxon

SOC II Coach of the Year: South Webster’s Darcee Claxon

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