The following press release was posted on the Pike County General Health District’s Facebook page on Friday, Sept. 18.

Both JV and Varsity volleyball teams at Waverly City Schools have been quarantined. We received one positive case on Wednesday and then 2 more positive cases today. We also have evidence of 2 cases of secondary exposure that appear to be from players.

The health district worked with the school superintendent and coaches to perform the contact tracing. It was determined that it was not possible to identify close contacts due to both teams doing drills together during the infectious period of the positive cases and due to the intermingling of JV and varsity players during the game on Tuesday – several JV players also sit varsity. Numerous players are also involved in other school activities which increases the likelihood of continued spread to other teams and students.

Our goal is to be as surgical as possible with contact tracing and when deciding who to quarantine – whether that is on a sports team, classroom, or in the workplace. We never want to have to quarantine an entire team, class, or large group of employees, but if we cannot identify contacts then that is our only option to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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