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Buy The News Watchman

The Pike County News Watchman can be purchased at the following locations:

Beaver: Mike's One Stop, 5611 Beaver Pike

Beaver: 1st Stop, 5470 State Route 335

Beaver: 335 Pit Stop, 17846 State Route 335

Beaver: Goat Barn Market, 15 Red Hollow Road

Chillicothe: Wilson Run, 1095 Wilson Run Rd.

Chillicothe: C. Walters Management, 5540 Three Locks Rd.

Chillicothe: Rozelle Creek Fuel, 4152 Rozelle Creek Rd.

Latham: 1st Stop, 8313 State Route 124

Lucasville: Speedway, 10497 US Route 23

Lucasville: Wakefield Grocery, 268 Wakefield Md.

Lucasville: Harwoods Gas & Snacks

Piketon: Duke & Duchess, 615 S. West St.

Piketon: Dollar General, 7095 US Route 23

Piketon: Bostick's

Piketon: Tom's Drive Thru, 1929 Tennyson Rd

Piketon: Williams Market, 12500 State Route 124

Piketon: Smith Hill Pizza, 8261 State Route 772

Piketon: Ritchie's Marketplace, 577 S West St

Piketon: 1st Stop, 6714 State Route 104

Piketon: OT's Easy Way, 833 Beaver Creek Rd.

Piketon: Barb's Restaurant, 924 E. Main St.

Sinking Spring: Sinking Spring 1st Stop, 12 N. Main St.

Stockdale: Staker's Store

Waverly: Fruth Pharmacy, 101 James Road

Waverly: Kroger Service Desk, 220 Waverly Plaza

Waverly: Speedway, 219 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Rite Aid, 501 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Dollar General, 707 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Walmart, 990 W Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Izzy's One Stop, 16 Blain Hwy.

Waverly: Pike Hospital, 100 Dawn Lane

Waverly: Huckleberry's, 11724 State Route 104

Waverly: CVS Pharmacy, 302 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Super Quik, 410 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Helton's Feed, 106 W. North St.

Waverly: Ozzys, 318 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Super Quik, 700 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Bill's Bait House, 4308 State Route 220

Waverly: Village Grocery, 20759 State Route 772

Waverly: Crossroads, 8309 Germany Rd.

Waverly: Pike County Government Center, 230 Waverly Plaza

Waverly: Diner 23, 300 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Waverly P.O., 125 E. 2nd St.

Waverly: Adena Health, 12340 State Route 104

Waverly: Bob Evans, 50 Morningside Dr.

Waverly: Punky's Restaurant, 106 S Market St.

Waverly: Burger King, 598 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Kroger Pharmacy, 220 Waverly Plaza

Waverly: Save-A-Lot, US Route 23

Waverly: Pike County Senior Center, 402 Clough St.

Waverly: Little Caesars, 413 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Clark's BP, 506 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Wendys, 400 E. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Pike County News Watchman office, 860 West Emmitt Ave., Suite 5

Waverly: Ameristay, 800 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Lloyd's Pizzeria, 901 W. Emmitt Ave.

Waverly: Pike County Bureau of Motor Vechicles, 230 Waverly Plaza

Waverly: Noel's Mkt. & Carryout

Waverly: Daylight Donuts

Waverly: Rural King