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About Us

The seed that yielded The Pike County News Watchman was planted in the early 1800s, perhaps as early as the founding of Jefferson (present day Piketon, which served as the first Pike County government seat) in 1814, though this very early portion of Pike County history is not altogether clear. The earliest publication knows to have existed is the Waverly Democrat, which was first printed in 1832 and served, as its name implies, as a staple for the early Democratic settlers in the county.

In 1861 name of the publication changed from the Waverly Democrat to the somewhat conventional Waverly News. The name would remain until the early 1900s when yet another change, this time reflecting the opinion of another political party, took place. The Republican Herald served as the county's news source. In this incarnation, the paper would keep people abreast of news concerning births, deaths, and perhaps most importantly, the happening of soldiers fighting overseas in two world wars.

In 1954, the publication adopted the name of the Waverly Watchman, though Republican Herald was still printed on the header of the front page. Finally, around the year 1960, a variation of the present name was set in place; the Waverly Watchman. This paper, like the current Pike County News Watchman, was published twice weekly and focused on the local news and personal interest stories of citizens of that time.

The traditions of the first Waverly newspapers are still alive and well in today's editions of The Pike County News Watchman, along with some more amenities.

Our publication will continue to grow and, with that growth, bring the readers of Pike County the news that matters to them.

We are an active member of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and we participate in community events.


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Regular hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

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Hilary Miller

General Manager/Advertising Director

Hilary Miller is the General Manager/Advertising Director for The Pike County News Watchman. She previously served as the Advertising Director and Sales Supervisor for The Athens News. Before being promoted Hilary worked as an Account Executive for the Jackson County Times Journal since 2011.  She received her bachelor’s degree at Morehead State University. She loves cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes in football and the University of Kentucky in basketball.


Phone: 740-947-2149, Ext 300421

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Bret Bevens


Bret Bevens is the Editor of the Pike County News Watchman. Bevens is a 2000 graduate of Waverly High School and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media from Marietta College. Bevens served four years on Waverly Council and has 16 years experience in the journalism field.


Phone: 740-947-2149, Ext 300431