WAVERLY- Action from the small-screen will be making its way to town in August.

Between Aug. 9 and Aug. 18, a film crew will be capturing scenes in Waverly and is seeking local extras for a few crowd scenes. “SHELTERED”, a six-episode web series, is one film director and 2015 Waverly High School graduate Ben Evory describes as a “father and son love story.”

“I’m a pastor’s kid, and I spent a lot of time making amazing memories at church and in Waverly. I also had some dark times figuring out how my own beliefs and sexuality figured into everyone else’s,” Evory said, a Wright State University film graduate. “This is a coming of age story about taking ownership of your beliefs. It’s also a positive portrayal of my hometown, and just a lot of fun.”

The series is the latest of Evory’s productions taking place in Waverly, originally filming his senior thesis “SLUSHIE” in 2019. For the past two years, the short has been seen at festivals including the upcoming Athens International Film and Video Festival and the Fifteen Minute Film Festival in Wheeling, West Virginia.

In this series, the protagonist Nathan is back home in Appalachia after his first-year in college and gets back to religious life as he knew it at his Protestant church. What was once a subject of comfort is now one of unfamiliarity as the character navigates this change over the course of the show.

Unlike other stories of the region, Evory says this series will not be one that paints it in a negative light.

“In our story, we subvert this,” he said. “Every character wants to live here. Religious trauma is absent. Gays are okay. We get a happy ending. SHELTERED is a secular, humane story told without cynicism or condescension. It’s a farewell to faith, and captures those small yet internally monumental moments before you say goodbye.”

For the past two years, Evory has worked on film gigs and independent projects in Dayton, including as the Production Office Coordinator for Academy-Award winning documentarians Julia Reichert and Steven Bogna.

More information can be found on the series’ Facebook page.

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