Eastern Local School District students won’t find themselves inside their respective buildings on Monday and Tuesday as COVID-19 numbers increased during the four-day week.

BEAVER- Following suit with Waverly City Schools, the Eastern Local School District will not have classes to begin this week.

During a Friday video address, Superintendent Neil Leist said the schools will be closed on Monday, Sept. 13 and Tuesday, Sept. 14 to slow the spread of COVID-19. Students will still have classwork those days.

“Some decisions were made this morning that may not make every parent happy,” he said. “But without a shade of doubt in my mind, it’s the safest thing to do for the school.”

In a shortened week due to Labor Day, 13 cases were reported in the district. Leist said the prior week had seven cases and the week before that had either four or five.

The procedure the district has followed this year for closing a classroom is three cases in kindergarten through 5th grade or four cases in 6th through 12th grade classrooms. One 6-12 classroom has been closed, but it is not known whether COVID-19 was transmitted within that classroom.

Some students have come to class with fevers, which Leist pleaded with Eastern parents and guardians to make sure they were taking their students’ temperatures.

“We got to get through this together, Eagle nation, as a group,” he said. “When you send your child with a fever, that’s when corona is the most spreadable.”

On Monday night, the Eastern School Board will be discussing a “mask plan.” No mask mandate is currently in place at the district.

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