The Greenbaum building, located at 200 North Market St. in Waverly, has deteriorated over the years and now needs to be demolished.

WAVERLY- Waverly Village Council took action on Tuesday in the latest occurrence with the deteriorating Greenbaum building on Market Street.

With demolition costs estimated to be $400,000, Mayor Greg Kempton said a group effort was necessary to makeup that sum.

The lion’s share, a $250,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Development, would only come if the remaining $150,000 was found. Through commitments with local partners, plus $40,000 from the village, the demolition costs would be covered.

“I really didn’t expect this level of commitment,” said Kempton.

According to the resolution, the Pike County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank) will match the village’s $40,000, Pike County Economic Development will provide $10,000, and the final $60,000 will come through the Recovery Council.

Having to use village funds is not the route that the mayor would have liked to take, but it is still necessary to the building’s condition.

“I hate everything about spending public money on a personal property,” Kempton said and then adding later during the meeting: “It’s getting more unsafe by the day.”

As per the resolution, the demolition of Greenbaum is “in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare,” since it is located just across the street from the Garnet A. Wilson Public Library main branch.

If the demolition were to cost less than the projected $400,000, the agreed upon contributions would be modified relative to the reduction.

Kempton will meet with the Pike County Commissioners and the Land Bank on Thursday to further discuss the building’s status.

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