Pike County General Health District

Pike County has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases in recent days with 26 new cases added to the total case numbers by the Pike County General Health District since Sept. 8.

This includes five new cases added on Sunday, seven on Monday, and seven on Tuesday.

The new cases on Tuesday included one positive antibody test added to the county’s probable cases.

On its Facebook page on Monday, the Pike County General Health district posted about the increase in cases in the county, saying, “Our ‘spike’ in cases is related to large gatherings that were not school-related, but have obviously ended up impacting our schools.”

Since school started in the county, the health district has announced several cases in students and staff members in various school districts. The health district stated on Monday that there is no evidence of spread inside any of our schools.

“Please remember that our daily choices have reaching consequences when it comes to potential spread and the number of individuals quarantined,” the health district stated.

“The majority of new cases are having mild, head cold-like symptoms. People should not dismiss allergy and cold-like symptoms.”

As of Tuesday, the Pike County General Health District was reporting 27 active COVID-19 cases in the county. The total cases for the county since pandemic tracking began are 143, including 120 confirmed cases and 23 probable cases (which includes positive antibody tests and rapid tests).

Total reported cases in the county range in age from 2 years old to 86 years old and include 74 females and 69 males. On Tuesday, the health district reported three more cases recovered and one person discharged from the hospital, meaning that Pike County had one hospitalization for COVID-19 as of Tuesday.

In response to a question on their Facebook page about COVID-19 testing, the Pike County General Health District explained that they do not recall “one positive test we have had that was retested with a different result.”

“The only time people are typically getting a second test is getting a PCR to confirm the rapid test,” the health district stated. “PCR is the standard. If a rapid test was positive and then the PCR came back negative that would be noted in ODRS (Ohio Department of Health’s Ohio Disease Reporting System) and changed in the system. Nothing ever gets counted twice even if the same person is tested multiple times and keeps testing positive. Everything in ODRS is connected to a birthdate so any updates get added to the same case — not counted twice.”

On Tuesday, the Pike County General Health District stated that due to “our COVID-19 response related to our recent spike in cases, overwhelming phone calls, and increased demand on an already limited staff, we are temporarily closing our public health clinic for at least the next two weeks. We will honor any appointments that we already have scheduled.”

The health district stated that Environmental Health and Vital Statistics remain open.

“We will also be posting dates for our upcoming flu clinics very soon,” the health district added. “We will make another post when we are able to start taking appointments again.”

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