Pike County General Health District

Two new cases of COVID-19 in Pike County were reported by the Pike County General Health District on Sunday afternoon, and another case was reported on Monday, bringing the county's total number of reported cases to 17.

The cases include 12 confirmed cases and five probable cases. Eight of the cases are active, and these active cases have all been reported since Wednesday, June 17. The cases reported on Sunday include one confirmed case and one probable case. Monday's case is a confirmed case.

Cases include 10 females and seven males, ranging in age from 25 to 72 years old.

On Saturday, the Pike County General Health District reported two new cases in the county that they said are both connected to a large event with no social distancing in a central Ohio county.

Ohio's number of COVID-19 cases has gone up in the last few days, and on Tuesday, reported cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions in Ohio were all above the past 21-day average.

As of Tuesday, Ohio's total number of reported COVID-19 cases were 46,127, including 42,767 confirmed cases and 3,360 probable COVID-19 cases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expanded case definition. As of Tuesday, Ohio's total COVID-19 deaths reported were 2,735, including 2,497 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and 238 probable COVID-19 deaths according to the CDC expanded death definition.

"For our economy to grow, for us to get people back to work, it is imperative that we not see significant spikes in the coronavirus," Ohio Governor Mike DeWine stated during a press conference on Tuesday. "We have to keep it as much as possible under control. Public confidence is so very, very important to growing our economy, and when people are not confident, they are scared about the virus if they see a spike in the virus, that is not only bad from the point of view of individuals and their health, but it is also certainly not good for the economy."

DeWine indicated that it is important to test more for the virus, which he said we are doing, and he said that testing will continue to go up in the state.

"We have to encourage people to be tested," he said. "And that is something that's very, very important as we move forward."

DeWine and his wife, First Lady Fran DeWine, as well as Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, were all tested for COVID-19 during Tuesday's press conference.

"The second thing we have to do is stay focused," DeWine said. "All Ohioans have to continue to do the distancing ... physical distancing."

He also stated that getting more Ohioans to wear face masks in public will make a huge difference, as well as washing their hands and doing "all the other things that we talk about."

"When we go to work, to shop, to dine, go out, it's critical that we continue following the lessons that we've been talking about, really, from the beginning — wear a mask, keep social distancing, wash your hands," the governor said. "These precautions protect each and every one of us and fight back against this virus."

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