On Sept. 23, 2020, Ohio EPA received a Renewal Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit Application from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, for its facility located at 3930 U.S. Route 23 Piketon. This permit renewal would allow DOE to continue the following hazardous waste management activities: storage of hazardous waste and corrective actions.

Before a draft permit is issued, Ohio EPA must determine that the permit application is complete and meets appropriate standards and that the applicant has a history of compliance with relevant environmental laws and demonstrates sufficient reliability, expertise, and competency to operate a hazardous waste facility. At this time, Ohio EPA will accept comments regarding the permit application. The permit application can be found online at http://edocpub.epa.ohio.gov/publicportal/ViewDocument.aspx?docid=1438671

After the application is reviewed and, if deemed acceptable, Ohio EPA would issue a draft permit. If a draft permit is issued, Ohio EPA will announce the draft permit and the official public comment period would open.

To submit comments or request to be on Ohio EPA’s interested party list for this site, individuals should contact Jessica Langdon at jessica.langdon@epa.ohio.gov with the subject line: DOE HWPermit.

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