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Southern Ohio expects to see some snow Thursday night into Friday morning, and our crews are prepared.

ODOT District 9 will be bringing in over 100 crews starting at midnight. Crews spent the day preparing trucks and equipment, and we have plenty of salt on hand. Crews will initially be patrolling, and plowing/treating as necessary.

Drivers are reminded to travel with caution and to adjust their expected trip times according to current road conditions. Please give our crews plenty of room to work so that they can focus on keeping the roads safe and clear.

A few additional notes and tips:

• Bridges and overpasses will be the first to freeze, and may pose a hazard even if a route otherwise appears clear

• There is a possibility of freezing rain or mix in addition to snow

• Allow for extra stopping distance and don't follow too closely

• Avoid hard braking and quick turns

• Slow down!

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