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According to Waverly Police Chief Zachary Dixon, two recent incidents of people being followed at Waverly Walmart currently under investigation by the police department are unrelated to each other.

Chief Dixon indicated that even though Waverly is a small town, crime does happen here and people should be aware of it.

One incident was on Sunday, Aug. 2, when a male subject followed a woman into the women’s restroom at Walmart. According to Chief Dixon, officers were dispatched to Walmart at 1:55 p.m. The male subject reportedly left before the officers arrived. Chief Dixon stated last week that he would like the community to know his department is taking this incident seriously and officers are doing extra patrols at Walmart.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact Ptl. Kibler at the Waverly Police Department at 740-947-2179 or his email at jkibler@waverlypd.net

On that day (Aug. 2), a local man posted a Facebook video, warning people that his underage daughter had been followed into the Waverly Walmart restroom by a man. He said that the man shook her bathroom stall door as if he were trying to get into the stall. The man warned people that when their kids, especially daughters, are going to a public restroom, parents should be on the lookout for people trying to enter the stalls or go into the restroom. He warned that there are people who try to abduct females.

The man said that he believes his daughter was targeted because she was by herself. He also expressed concerns that mandatory face masks, currently required because of COVID-19, give the criminal the opportunity to do more. He urged parents to watch their kids, and he urged everyone to watch out for any woman who goes into a restroom if they see a man follow her in. He also indicated that he did not believe Walmart did anything wrong.

The Waverly Police Department has received other reports recently of people being followed in and around both Walmart and Kroger.

In a July 18 Facebook post, the Waverly Police Department said that it is conducting extra patrols. Chief Dixon encourages the public to report any suspicious behavior, if you feel a subject is following you, so officers can immediately follow up on the incident. Contact the Waverly Police Department at (740) 947-2179.

In our July 19 print edition, the News Watchman reported that the Waverly Police were asking for the public’s help in identifying a male suspect who allegedly followed a runner on June 29.

Video of the suspect is available on the Waverly Police Department Facebook page.

Anyone with information on that suspect is asked to call Officer Queen at 740-947-2179 or email at aqueen@waverlypd.net

Email at mlucas@newswatchman.com; follow on Twitter @NewsWatchman.

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