New Covenant Church of Christ in Christian Union (CCCU) in Waverly and other community members are focused on helping to feed Waverly City Schools students in need during the closure of schools resulting from the coronavirus crisis.

“There are a bunch of kids who depend on school lunches to eat,” said Ben Polley, youth pastor at the church. “That’s just the way it is. A lot of them depend on it.”

Polley said he “felt a need to try and provide” for the students.

“I got hold of a lot of different people from the school, teachers and parents and other pastors and organizations,” he said.

Members of the church and community met at New Covenant CCCU on Monday, March 16, to develop a “game plan” and to pack lunches for next-day delivery to students.

Pike County Community Action Committee volunteered to deliver the food to those needing it.

“I got some school bus drivers and teachers and all kinds of people who said they would be willing to deliver,” Polley said.

“After talking with Bill Hoover at Waverly (Waverly High School principal), and Mrs. (Lari) Patton, the food coordinator, right now there are about 230 kids to feed every day. Not 230 houses necessarily; there could be a few kids at each house,” he said. “Bill Hoover said they’re going to use up a lot of food that they had already at the school.”

Anyone can volunteer and anyone can donate food at the New Covenant Church office from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Just come to the church office during the day, there on the right side (of the building),” said Polley. “There should be somebody there during the day.”

Suitable food donations include bread, lunch meat, “any kind of sandwich spread,” peanut butter and jelly, cheese for sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit and vegetables, applesauce, bottles of water, and cartons of milk, according to Polley. All food must be pre-packaged.

Additional items needed include: paper bags, sandwich baggies, plastic Kroger and Walmart bags, medical gloves, medical/dust masks.

New Covenant church will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to accept donations. Call (740) 947-2657 to make sure someone is at the church before dropping off donations.

The church is located at 535 East Second Street in Waverly.

To stay updated on food donations, join Polley’s newly-created Facebook page LOL -Lunches of Love (Lunches for Waverly).

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