Camp Creek Dump Truck

Camp Creek Township continues to make upgrades to their equipment with the recent purchase of a dump truck.

According to Camp Creek Township Trustee Donnie Dyke, the new truck is slightly used but has an all-new dump bed and hydraulics on it.

“It’s a big upgrade from what we had, and right now we did this by paying cash. We have no debts now in the township,” Dyke said.

In 2015, the township obtained a new backhoe, with the help of a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and a discount through a state program. The remaining $23,000 for the backhoe was financed through a low-interest loan through the USDA, Dyke told the News Watchman in 2015. Dyke recently told the News Watchman that the township’s percentage for the backhoe has all been paid.

In 2019, the township paid cash for a gently-used side arm mowing tractor.

Dyke said the next project for the towship is upgrading the grader.

“Once we get that the township will be set,” he said.

Pictured here with the dump truck (from left to right) are Camp Creek Township Trustees Heath Medford, Donnie Dyke, and Dave Kinnison.

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