Scott Dailey

Scott Dailey

A Waverly man will be on Tuesday’s ballot for Ohio State Representative for the 91st District.

Scott Dailey, a Democrat, is running against current State Representative Shane Wilkin, a Republican. Dailey recently answered the following questionnaire.


1. What is your career background?

I’ve been a Civilian security officer at two government sites.

I’ve owned my own plumbing business.

I was a Manager at Beneficial Finance Company.

I was a Mortgage Broker.

I owned my own cable installation company.

I am currently a Union Pipefitter at the Plumbers/Pipefitters LU 577 in Portsmouth.

2. What is your educational background?

I graduated from Waverly High School in 1979.

I received a certification from Shawnee State University in 1982.

3. What are the qualifications you would bring to the statehouse as representative for our district?

This is a question each voter decides. To run for this office is fairly easy. I feel the voter should look at my values and judgement. I’ve campaigned since early 2018 and have tried to demonstrate what kind of Representative I will be.

4. What issues in our district do you believe are most important to address?

Until we crush COVID 19, I feel our focus should be on helping individuals, businesses and schools impacted by this awful virus.

2019 was Ohio’s worst economic year in the past 10 years. I think the failed tax policies of the current leadership has hurt everybody but the rich. We need a fair tax system.

The way we fund schools is unconstitutional. We need funding that gives every child a good education regardless of their zip code.

Every Ohioan in District 91 deserves affordable healthcare.

There are a lot of issues to address, but healthcare, fair taxes and fair funding to educate our children is at the top.

5. If elected, what plans do you have to address systemic issues in our region, such as drug addiction, poverty, and unemployment?

I think our drug courts have been a good first step in addressing the opioid crisis in our District. We need more leadership and attention in this area. I know in Pike County, a lack of funding for the opioid crisis has been crippling to our county budget. Poverty has been a problem in our area as far back as I can remember. Highland County is ranked 9th in our State in poverty, Pike 13th, Ross 26th and Clinton about in the middle. Ohio has given approximately $9.8 billion dollars in tax breaks and loopholes in the past 10 years, and they have not benefitted anyone but the Republican donors, lobbyists’ companies and the very rich. Let me be clear; only money will not solve our poverty in Southern Ohio. We need programs to increase employment and pay a fair wage. We need social safety nets like social security, unemployment insurance, paid family leave, SNAP, increase Earned Income Tax Credit. These programs properly operated and funded have proven to lift people from poverty.

6. What other plans/goals do you have if elected?

I have many plans and goals if I win the election. My first goal is to bring TRANSPARENCY to our state government. No more secrets. I will have established office hours ALL OVER the District to meet with citizens. I will have social media, newspaper, radio and whatever it takes to reach out and get more people involved in the decisions their elected officials make.

7. Please include any other information, including personal information, that you feel is relevant.

I am the youngest of five boys. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. I was raised by a single mom before we called them single moms. I have lived with social safety nets, and I know what they can do first hand. I am just like you. We need balance and fairness at the Statehouse in Columbus. You pay your taxes and you play by the rules, and you deserve better than who you have now. Thank you for your time and vote.

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