Bruce Dailey


Bruce Dailey wants Pike County residents to know they have a choice when voting for Pike County Prosecuting Attorney this November.

This is one of the things the prosecutor candidate said when he sat down on Monday to talk about his life and his candidacy and outlined some of the experiences he believes make him qualified for the job.

Dailey, who is running as an independent, is an attorney, a retired captain in the U.S. Navy and since 2006 has served as law director/solicitor for the Village of Piketon. Raised by a single mother, he spent a large portion of his childhood in Waverly and is a 1974 graduate of Waverly High School. In 1976, he was in the first graduating class of Shawnee State University when he graduated with an associate’s degree in applied business (accounting/computer science).

Upon his graduation from Shawnee State, Dailey enlisted in the Navy, where he spent more than 25 years, earning his wings and being designated a Naval Flight Officer in 1983. He said that he is prouder of the accomplishment of earning his wings than getting his law degree.

“They certainly were both challenging,” Dailey said.

According to Dailey, being in the Navy taught him common sense in that environment and helped prepare him for being an attorney.

“When you’re doing things under pressure, I think that means that you can learn to do other things that have pressure built into them,” he said.

Dailey returned to Pike County to live in 2002 and opened a law practice in 2004. He said that about two years ago he was approached by others, including some elected officials, about running for prosecutor.

“People have expressed to me their dissatisfaction with the way things have been going for some time and asked me to consider running for this office, and after a period of evaluating those requests, I determined that it was a job that needed to be done and I was capable of doing it,” Dailey said.

He said that he knows the job of prosecutor is a tough one but that he has done plenty of tough jobs before. He explained that he intends to bring the core values of the Navy and Marine Corps, honor, courage and commitment, to the office of prosecuting attorney.

Dailey provided a list of his three key issues: “I am committed to providing fair, impartial, and expeditious justice by ensuring timely and efficient administration, by improving service to victims, and by holding offenders accountable for the offenses that have been committed. I will work to ensure safer communities by reducing crime and fear of crime. I will promote integrity in the local criminal justice system through consistent and coordinated enforcement efforts and fiscally-responsible management and administration of justice.”

Dailey has a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Purdue University, a Master of Science in management from Troy State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence in law from South Texas College of Law. He is on the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center Board of Directors and belongs to the Waverly Lions Club, Waverly Area Kiwanis Club and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. He is a Red Cross swimming, lifesaving and CPR instructor and a Youth League baseball and football coach.

Dailey also mentioned on Monday that he has had eight to ten of his banners stolen since placing them.

Dailey is married to his wife, Linda, and he has two stepchildren and three grandchildren.

Dailey is running against incumbent prosecuting attorney Rob Junk, a Democrat. (Look for a story about Junk and his candidacy in a future edition.)

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