Erin-Faith Neufarth, children’s librarian at the Garnet A. Wilson public library in Waverly, recently announced the top readers who participated in the summer reading program.

Israel Compton and Daniel Mathews, last year’s top readers, tied for first place.

“They really brought on the heat this year,” Neufarth said. “They spent the entire six weeks reading and I had no doubt they read what they recorded because of the knowledge they displayed for the books they read.”

Compton and Mathews were required to read at least four chapter books to complete the program.

“I wasn’t surprised that these two boys brought it again this year because they are both very passionate about reading,” Neufarth said. “They are fantastic boys and they really do love coming to the library.”

Mathews, age 12, is the son of Michelle and Dwayne Mathews. Compton, age eight, is the son of Timothy and Carrie Compton.

“Israel read more books, but Daniel read more pages,” Neufarth said.

About 270 children signed up for the summer reading program this year. Children participating in the summer reading program are given the chance to read picture books, easy readers, juvenile books and graphic novels. Children who are unable to attend the summer reading program are permitted to read at home and turn in their reading logs by the end of the summer reading program, according to Neufarth.

Both top readers received a gift card, trinkets and candy for their achievements.

“I really enjoy doing the summer reading program with the kids in our community because I get the chance to learn what each child enjoys to read and what they enjoy,” Neufarth said. “It gives me a chance to get to know them and build relationships with them all because, as a children’s librarian, I think it is important to know the children that come in and out of the library. I want to help them gain a love of learning. That is so important.”

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