2019 Oktoberfest Court

Pictured here is the 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest Royalty Court. Pictured from left, back row, are Lacey Bevins (Junior Miss Queen), Madison Shuler (Junior Miss 1st Attendant), Lauren Bevins (Beaver Oktoberfest Queen’s Court 1st Attendant), Shaelyn Tomlison (Beaver Oktoberfest Queen), Kaylee Jones (Beaver Oktoberfest Queen’s Court 2nd Attendant), Liberty Ward-Poorman (Oktoberfest Princess) and Kelsey Poorman (Junior Miss 2nd Attendant).

Pictured from left, front row, are Reece Jones (Little Miss), Coen Austin (Mini King) and Paisley Richardson (Mini Queen).

A large crowd gathered at the main stage on Thursday, Oct. 3 for the opening of the 35th annual Beaver Oktoberfest. During the event, Beaver Mayor William Roberts, Beaver Village Council members and the Beaver Oktoberfest committee were introduced.

Aaron Swango delivered the invocation, followed by the Eastern High School band’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner.

Emcee Darren Hitchcock thanked the 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest Committee for their work, after which the audience watched a slide show of images from past Beaver Oktoberfest activities. Hitchcock then introduced and gave an award to Steve Phipps for 35 years of service with the Beaver Oktoberfest committee.

“Thank you all very much,” said Phipps. “You remember that we used to have speakers up and down the street. I used to put those up a week before the Oktoberfest for years and years and years. I sort of got into helping with the electricity. As the song said with the slideshow, I love this particular area. Thank you all very much.”

Following Phipp’s award presentation, Hitchcock introduced Beaver Mayor William Roberts who introduced the Beaver Village Council members.

“I’d like to thank the Oktoberfest Committee for all the hard work they do for us,” Roberts said. “So I’d like to give them a big round of applause to show our appreciation (of) them. Let’s all have a good time, good food and good fellowship.”

Hitchcock then introduced the 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest Grand Marshals, Major and Sherry Montgomery.

“I can’t go on enough to tell you what they’ve done in this community,” Hitchcock said. “They’ve touched so many people’s lives. They’ve dedicated their whole life to this community ... One thing I can say, they love the Lord. They’re family in the community ... “

“I don’t have a lot to say,” Sherry Montgomery said. “I just — I feel so unworthy ... We do appreciate it. We feel honored. As Darren said, we love the Lord, we love our family and we love our community, and anything that we can do, we just enjoy doing it ...”

“I want to say to you, thank you,” said Major Montgomery and he mentioned those who have been saved in his 45 years as a pastor.

“God bless you,” he concluded. “We love you. God’s peace to you.”

Queen coordinator Stephanie Wicker introduced the 2018 Beaver Oktoberfest royalty court, followed by the 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest royalty court.

The 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest royalty court members are: Paisley Richardson (Mini Queen), Coen Austin (Mini King), Reece Jones (Little Miss), Liberty Ward-Poorman (Princess), Kelsey Poorman (Junior Miss 2nd Attendant), Madison Shuler (Junior Miss 1st Attendant), Lacey Bevins (Junior Miss Queen), Kaylee Jones ( Beaver Oktoberfest 2nd Attendant), Lauren Bevins (Beaver Oktoberfest 1st Attendant), and Shaelyn Tomlison (Beaver Oktoberfest Queen).

“It feels great, honestly, to get the opportunity to represent my town,” said 2019 Beaver Oktoberfest Queen Shaelyn Tomlison. “The Oktoberfest has always had a special place in my heart and I’ve always wanted to be the queen, and I’m glad I finally got the opportunity this year.”

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