CIRCLEVILLE — Republican primary candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Dolan visited Circleville, Friday, speaking with about two dozen people at Bill Richards’ farm during several stops in Ohio.

Dolan, 57, talked about his background, agriculture, workforce issues, foreign affairs, border security, and more before taking time to answer questions from the crowd. GOP primary for U.S. Senate is May 3.

“My message is the same here that it’s been everywhere in Ohio, that my campaign is about Ohio because that’s what matters,” he said. “I’m going to be a senator for Ohio from Ohio.”

Dolan said his two biggest issues are economics and security.

“We have to get inflation under control, the supply chain under control,” he said. “We have to get back to energy independence and make sure America is strong in the world militarily, diplomatically and economically. We’ve got to secure our border. We currently have an administration that is redefining the term border. I don’t know how you can do that. I’m not looking backwards, I’m looking forwards. We have to stop today’s crisis and look ahead to tomorrow’s opportunties.”

Dolan addressed Pickaway County’s low workforce participation rate, which is roughly 55 percent, while also having a low unemployment rate of about 4.3 percent.

“Pickaway County is indicative of what’s happening out there, low unemployment and open jobs,” he said. “There is a disincentive coming out of Washington for people to go out and work. The reality is we have to encourage people to get back to work.”

Dolan used daycare as an example when comparing federal and state approach to problem solving.

“The federal government and Democrats say here is a check with no strings attached,” he said. “Ohio, how we did it is we created a fund and once you get work, you can apply for a grant to help pay for it. Flooding more money into the system is not getting people back to work and is causing inflation.”

Dolan also spoke about infrastructure as Pickaway County leaders are looking to improve several dangerous areas of the county including the intersection of U.S. 23 and state Route 762 in the northern part of the county.

“[Outgoing Senator] Rob Portman negotiated a bi-partisan infrastructure bill that does not raise taxes and does not increase the debt and it brings vital funds back to Ohio to deal with dangerous intersections like that one,” he said. “I’m the only one in this race that is supporting that. I don’t know how you can say you’re fighting for Ohio when you turn your back on that. They did it because [Former President Donald Trump] said he wouldn’t support any candidate who supports the infrastructure bill because he didn’t want to give Biden a win.

“That doesn’t solve Ohio’s problems, that’s politics. I’m going to fight for Ohio and bring good public policy here.”

Dolan also spoke about his impression of the people of Pickaway County who he’s met on the campaign trail.

“We’re blessed in Ohio to have good people,” he said. “They want someone who is focused on getting something done. I talked to a gentleman today who makes sure we go and get more truck drivers because he can’t get his product from the ships to here. He told me that he doesn’t want to talk about 2020 but that he wants to talk about tomorrow. He told me I’m the only one that’s doing it and that’s why he voted for me yesterday.”

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