Among the cases presented for indictment at the August term of the Pike County Grand Jury was a case involving a man who allegedly held his wife and child at knife-point.

Kenneth L. Lowman, 35, of Carrs Run Rd., Beaver, was indicted on a count of kidnapping (F-2), a count of abduction (F-3) and a count of violating a protection order (F-3) regarding an incident that occurred on July 29. According to Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk, the case was handled by the Waverly Police Department when Lowman allegedly threatened suicide at his wife’s home. He also allegedly waved around a nine-inch butcher knife, essentially holding his wife and child hostage. He allegedly violated a protection order by being around his wife. No one was hurt in the incident.

A couple of other indictments involved high-speed chases with law enforcement. David R. Crabtree, Jr., 20, of Loys Run Rd., Piketon, allegedly was driving his Dodge Durango too fast when Sgt. Tim Dickerson, of the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, tried to pull him over. Crabtree allegedly ran his vehicle from Dickerson, leading to a chase that lasted over 40 miles and reached speeds of 120 miles an hour.

According to the report, Junk said Crabtree allegedly almost crashed on several occasions before pulling into his father’s residence on Loys Run Rd. At one point, he also allegedly tried to swerve his vehicle into the cruiser. Upon reaching his father’s residence, Crabtree allegedly tried to flee on foot but was apprehended by Dickerson at gunpoint. Junk said that Crabtree is also a suspect in a drug robbery at Piketon. The incident occurred on July 22, and no one was hurt.

Crabtree’s charges include one count of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer (F-3), a count of felonious assault (F-2) and one count of obstructing official business (F-5).

Robert W. Hollon, 43, of state Route 220, Waverly, was allegedly clocked speeding by an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer on state Route 335 on June 25. He allegedly tried to flee, causing a chase for two and a half miles and reaching speeds greater than 90 miles per hour. Hollon, who was apprehended at gunpoint, allegedly had a 13-year-old daughter with him in the car. He is charged with a count of failure to comply (F-3) and a count of endangering children (F-5).

Other indictments include:

• David Paul Herrman, 49, of W. Emmitt Ave., Waverly, for failure to register (F-3).

• Randy O. Lyons, 22, of state Route 220, Waverly, for failure to register (F-3).

• Mark L. Stiff, 32, of Jasper Rd., Piketon, for attempted theft of a motor vehicle (F-4) and possessing criminal tools (F-5).

•Adam M. McCune, 28, of Wykle Dr., Waverly, for attempted theft of a motor vehicle (F-4) and possessing criminal tools (F-5).

• Joseph W. Martin, 44, of Boswell Run Rd., Piketon, for burglary (F-2).

• Charles E. Bundy, 27, of Western Ave., Chillicothe, for receiving stolen property (F-4) and tampering with evidence (F-3).

• Donald W. Entler, 28, of U.S. Route 23, Waverly, for obstructing official business (F-5).

• Matthew D. Puckett, 43, of Blanford Rd., McDermott, for tampering with evidence (F-3).

• Samantha J. King, 24, of Charles St., Portsmouth, for receiving stolen property (F-4).

• Jeffery D. Thacker, 30, of Beechy Creek Rd., South Shore, KY, for tampering with evidence (F-3)

• Greg A. Ferrell, 38, of Shyville Rd., Piketon, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor (F-3)

All those named in this story are presumed innocent of all charges until or unless proven guilty in a court of law. The grand jury also issues secret indictments, and those are not made public until after arrests are made.

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