The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) announced in Portsmouth this week that southern Ohio employers will receive $17 million in workers’ comp rebates, with $1,614,102 headed for Pike County.

“BWC is pleased to present the region’s employers with $17 million they can use to strengthen and grow their businesses,” said Bob Braun, BWC regional business development manager. “While the money is theirs to spend as they see fit, we encourage employers to invest in workplace safety measures that prevent injuries and reduce their workers’ comp costs.”

According to a press release from BWC, “The checks are part of a $1.5 billion rebate to Ohio employers this summer, BWC’s fourth rebate of similar magnitude since 2013 and the agency’s largest in 20 years.” The BWC release stated that “the rebates are possible because of the agency’s healthy investment income, falling claims and prudent fiscal management.”

“The rebate brings workers’ comp savings for all Ohio employers to $8 billion since 2011,” the press release states. “Braun asked employers to watch their mailboxes for the checks, which BWC is mailing in batches through the end of July.”

“Putting this money back into the budgets of our local businesses will have a tremendous economic impact,” said Lisa Carver, executive director of the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. “Along with the BWC, I encourage the businesses to invest in workplace safety efforts that will save more money by reducing their workers’ comp costs. The investment in safe and healthy employees directly serves to strengthen our workforce and improve development efforts.”

The region’s seven counties are expected to receive the following:

• Adams County: $1,385,091

• Gallia County: $1,682,808

• Scioto County: $5,027,639

• Lawrence County: $2,130,705

• Jackson County: $1,648,164

• Pike County: $1,614,102

• Ross County: $3,471,082

Rebates for specific private employers are not public record, according to BWC, however the rebate amounts to individual public employers in Pike County include the following:

• Pike County: $111,173.29

• Scioto Valley Local School District: $59,089.08

• Waverly Village: $31,571.55

• Waverly Schools: $29,784

• Western Schools: $13,912.80

• Eastern Local School District: $12,818.85

• Piketon Village: $10,372.55

• Pike County JVS: $5,811.45

• Pebble Township: $3,197.70

• Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission: $3,053.20

• Seal Township: $2,415.70

• Evergreen Union Cemetery: $2,140.30

• Scioto Township: $1,492.60

• Pee Pee Township: $1,338.75

• Benton Township: $1,256.30

• Beaver Village: $1,044.65

• Garnet A. Wilson Public Library of Pike County: $1,012.35

• Beaver Township: $986.85

• Sunfish Township: $950.30

• Jackson Township: $945.20

• Newton Township: $730.15

• Union Township: $620.50

• Marion Township: $612.85

• Beaver Union Cemetery: $492.15

According to BWC, employers who participate in the Group-Retrospective Rating Program will receive checks in the fall. Also, according to BWC, the rebate also includes several safety initiatives BWC announced at press conference last month. The $44 million investment over two years includes $8 million in safety grants for law enforcement and to improve school safety and security, stated BWC.

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