With more than 97 percent of Ohio precincts reporting, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, a Republican, is projected to be next governor of the state of Ohio. The lieutenant governor will be Jon Husted, Ohio’s current secretary of state.

According to unofficial results as of late Tuesday night, DeWine and Husted received over 2.1 million votes, defeating Democratic challengers Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton, who had over 1.9 million votes.

In Pike County voters chose DeWine 5,276 votes to 3,190 for Cordray. Pike County residents gave Travis M. Irvine (Libertarian) 154 votes, Constance Gadell-Newton (Green) 110 votes, and gave three write-in votes in the governor’s race.

State Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment “to reduce penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing, and using illegal drugs,” was defeated by Ohio voters. Pike voters voted against State Issue 1 with 6,968 votes against and 1,742 votes for the issue.

Pike County numbers in other state races include the following:

Ohio Attorney General: Dave Yost (R) — 5,308; Steve Dettelbach (D) — 3,216

Yost won the state overall.

Ohio Auditor of State: Keith Faber (R) — 4,919; Zack Space (D) — 3,350; Robert C. Coogan (Libertarian) — 248

Faber won the state overall.

Ohio Secretary of State: Frank LaRose (R) — 5,123; Kathleen Clyde (D) — 3,170; Dustin R. Nanna (Libertarian) — 180; Write-in Vote — 1

LaRose won in the state overall.

Ohio Treasurer of State: Robert Sprague (R) — 5,248; Rob Richardson (D) — 3,201

Sprague won the state overall.

U.S. Senate: Jim Renacci (R) — 4,814; Sherrod Brown (D-incumbent) — 3,847; Write-in votes: 4

Brown won the state overall to continue serving as senator.

U.S Representative (Congress) 2nd District: Brad Wenstrup (R-incumbent) — 5,460; Jill Schiller (D) — 2,978; James J. Condit Jr. (Green) — 112; Write-in votes: 3

Wenstrup also won at the district level to continue representing the 2nd District in Congress.

Ohio State Senator 17th District: Bob Peterson (R-incumbent) — 5,278; Scott M. Dailey (D) — 3,220

Peterson won in the district overall.

State Representative 91st District: Shane Wilkin (R-incumbent) — 5,265; Justin Grimes (D) — 3,112

Wilkin won the district race overall.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Michael P. Donnelly (D) — 3,980; Craig Baldwin (R) — 3,030

Donnelly won in the state.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice: Melody J. Stewart (D) — 3,809; Mary DeGanaro (R-incumbent) — 3,096

Stewart won in the state.

Court of Appeals Judge 4th District: Marie Hoover (D-incumbent) — 4,267; Jason P. Smith (R) — 3,160

Smith won in the district overall.

Court of Appeals Judge 4th District: Mike Hess (R) — 4,055; Valarie K. Gerlach (D) — 3,026

Hess won in the district overall.

All election results are unofficial at this time.

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