WAVERLY— The frequent presence of signs throughout the village is one needing to be rectified, says Waverly councilman Forest Blakeman.

During a Tuesday Waverly Village Council, Blakeman said he would like to see council take action before the start of next year to prevent businesses from posting signs on public property.

“They’re trashing the village up and making us look like a trash hole,” he said, referring specifically to political and business signs and not those belonging to religious or non-profit organizations.

Mayor Greg Kempton said action would need to come from the Public Service Committee, currently including council members Mary Ellen Cormany and Joyce Thompson, and then speak with the village’s legal team to draft legislation.

While council was in agreement that the signs are an issue, they also recognized that nothing could be done if they were on private land.

For the signs off of highways like U.S. 23 and State Route 335, the village has easement and thus could take action.

“It’s just disgraceful,” said Blakeman. “It’s just getting worse and worse as the holidays get here. I’m just tired of looking.”

Kempton said the abundance of signs slows down the work of the village street department when they mow since they have to remove the signs before working.

The permit to place signs is $10, but the mayor said there was never a limit on the number of signs or for what duration they can stand.

“It was just wide-open,” said Kempton, even the ones without permits could pick up their signs from the village garage.

In other council developments, Waverly’s water and sewer departments will be partially reimbursing a water bill from the Waverly Lions Club.

Kempton said the organization had not been in its office as often due to the pandemic, but a flush toilet had been running constantly which resulted in a quarterly water bill of $467.

Since WLC puts on community events such as the Halloween parade and the Club Ducky Derby, council decided to reimburse 50% or pay $236.95 from the water and sewer departments.

“All of the money is going to spent doing things in the community,” said Kempton, Cormany recalling how WLC gave glasses to students who could not afford them when she was a teacher.

Council also approved the hire of a full-time dispatcher for the Waverly Police Department. The new hire will be paid $11.27 and began his work on Nov. 16.

Waverly Village Council will meet again on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. inside council chambers on 201 W. North St.

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