Wagner 3

George "Billy" Wagner III seen leaving the Pike County Courthouse on Nov. 17 after a brief pretrial hearing.

WAVERLY— George “Billy” Wagner III had a motion hearing on Wednesday at the Pike County Court of Common Pleas, where a brief session took place that afternoon.

Judge Randy Deering reviewed several motions, but decided not to make any rulings. Instead, a meeting outside the courtroom between the defense and prosecution will take place in December before a final pretrial hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022.

Wagner III is one of four suspects from the family charged in the 2016 Rhoden Massacre resulting in the death of eight people. He and his son, George, have not pled guilty to charges, while his wife, Angela, and other son, Jake, pled guilty earlier this year.

His 22 charges also include eight counts of aggravated murder, four counts of aggravated burgarly, and several counts for tampering with evidence.

The Wagners are accused of killing seven members of the Rhoden family, plus the fiancée of one of the Rhoden victims, at four different Pike County homes.

Those murdered include: Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40, his ex-wife Dana Manley Rhoden, 37, and their three children, Hanna May Rhoden, 19, Christopher Rhoden Jr., 16, and Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20. Frankie Rhoden’s fiancée, Hannah “Hazel” Gilley, 20, was also killed, along with the elder Christopher Rhoden’s brother Kenneth Rhoden, 44, and cousin Gary Rhoden, 38.

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