Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

The Pike County Soil and Water Conservation District (PSWCD) is working to raise funds through tree and wildlife packet sales.

According to the PSWCD, orders will be taken through Feb. 19, and orders will be distributed by the first Friday in April.

“A postcard or email will be sent to confirm the exact pickup date, location and times,” said Darlene Brewster, of the PSWCD. “Orders may also be placed by stopping in our office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Orders can be paid with cash or check only.”

Seedlings offered for sale include the following deciduous trees: Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Northern Red Oak, Sugar Maple, and White Oak.

The following coniferous tree seedlings will be sold: Bald Cypress, Eastern Redcedar, Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, and Scotch Pine.

“Tree and shrub seedlings are typically between six and 18 inches tall, depending on the species,” said Brewster.

In addition to tree and shrub seedlings, specialty tree and shrub packets will be offered for sale, and include the following varieties: American Elderberry, Butternut, Hazelnut, PawPaw, and Persimmon.

“The packets will include two each of the above-listed species and ten seedlings total, with no substitutions,” said Brewster.

Honey Bee Packets will be sold as well, said Brewster.

“The Honey Bee Packets will include four each of the following species, with no substitutions,” said Brewster. “These species will benefit many of our native pollinators by providing early season to late season blooms,” she said.

Honey Bee Packets may include American Plum, Black Locust, Eastern Redbud, Sourwood, and Tulip (Yellow) Poplar.

The following fruits and mushrooms will be sold: Dwarf Stayman Winesap/Yellow Delicious Apple (two trees, one of each species) and Shiitake Mushroom (one kit include 200 inoculated shiitake dowel plugs, 1/4 lb. bees wax, wax dauber, five metal label tags, and a grower’s guide).

Seed mixes being sold by PSWCD include “Create Food Plots for Wildlife” (25 pound bag includes a mixture of sorghum, millet, soybeans, field pea, sunflower, buckwheat, and foxtail. Covers 1/2 acre), “Erosion Control Seed Mix” (two pound bag includes a blend of Birdsfoot, Trefoil, Timothy, Tall Fescue, Annual Ryegrass, Alsike Clover, and Red Top. Covers 2,000 square feet), and “Showy Northeast Native Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix” (one ounce packet includes a mix of native wildflowers and prairie grasses. Covers 200 square feet).

Also being sold are Pollinator Seed Mixes.

“Created by Pheasants Forever, these seed mixes have been designed by wildlife professionals to provide diverse high-quality long-lasting wildlife habitat, meet Ohio Department of Agriculture standards, and exceed NRCS conservation standards,” said Brewster.

Pollinator Seed Mixes include the “Ohio Pollinator Seed Mix” and “Ohio Pollinator (No Grasses) Seed Mix”. Seeds are sold in 1/2-acre increments and include “pure live seed.”

Ground cover offerings include Wild Ginger, Partridge Berry, and Wild Columbine.

Bat Houses and Eastern Bluebird Boxes may also be ordered during the sale, said Brewster, in addition to tree supplies, including Tree Marking Flags (“30 inch high metal stake with 4x5” purple flag”) and Platskydd (“100 organic, safe for use in protecting flowers, ornamentals, seedlings, shrubs, and trees, as well as fruit, vegetables, and other food crops against browse damage from deer and rabbits”).

Newly listed on this year’s order form is “Weed Wand Magic” (“the perfect accessory for fighting invasive species — no spray, no drift, no waste”).

“Seedlings should be planted within five days after pick-up and then watered regularly,” said Brewster.

For questions about the sale, or to place an order, call (740) 947-5353.

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