A man accused of shooting and killing his friend, reportedly during an argument over moving a pickup truck, was indicted on a murder charge as part of the April term of the Pike County Grand Jury.

The latest grand jury met on April 19 and returned a total of 17 public indictments, including other serious crimes such as rape and large-scale drug trafficking. Results of that session were filed and released by the Clerk of Courts office Thursday.

Among those indicted was 38-year-old Craig Stephens, of Waverly, who is charged with the murder of Herbert Raymond King, Jr. on Easter Sunday, April 8. The charge against Stephens also includes a firearm specification.

The alleged incident took place at Stephens’ home at 2332 Buchanan Road.

“What appears to have happened is the victim and defendant got into an argument over someone moving the victim’s truck,” explained Pike County Prosecutor Rob Junk.

“It appears the defendant went inside the residence, retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun and shot the victim in the abdomen.”

A number of first-degree felony drug charges were levied against several individuals as well, including 42-year-old Juan Anthony L. Nicholas, of Columbus.

Nicholas was arrested in January after the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Waverly Police found a duffel bag filled with 363 grams of cocaine, estimated to be worth approximately $25,000, during a traffic stop along U.S. Route 23 in Waverly.

Charges of possession and trafficking of drugs, both with major drug offender specifications, were returned against Nicholas.

Also indicted on first-degree felony drug possession and trafficking charges were 21-year-old Tevin L. Hairston, of Williamson, W.Va. and 23-year-old Michael L. Armstrong, of Toledo. Rashod D. Todd, 24, of Canal Winchester, and Blair M. Motley, 24, of Columbus, were indicted on four counts of drug possession, one of which was a first-degree felony.

Other serious charges returned by the April term of the grand jury were first-degree felony rape charges against Roger C. Hatfield, 57, of Peebles.

Public indictments were returned against the following individuals:

• William S. Cornwell, 25, of Waverly, on three counts of breaking and entering (F5), and one count each of safecracking (F4) and possessing criminal tools (F5).

• Cody M. Cornwell, 18, of Waverly, on five counts of breaking and entering (F5), and one count each of safecracking (F4), theft (F5), tampering with evidence (F3) and possessing criminal tools (F5).

• Raul Mendoza II, 21, of Piketon, on one count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor (F4).

• John R. Barker, 32, of Piketon, on one count each of illegal assembly (F3) and endangering children (F3).

• Abigail C. Weaver, 28, of Piketon, on one count each of illegal assembly (F3) and endangering children (F3).

• Ronnie Pyles, 65, of Waverly, on one count of failure to register (F3).

• Zachary Daniel Lewis, 18, of Bainbridge, on one count of failure to register (F3).

• Joshua R. Hardee, 35, of Peebles, on one count each of burglary (F2) and possessing criminal tools (F5).

• Karla A. Eldred, 33, of Huntington, W.Va., on one count of receiving stolen property (F5).

• Stephanie G. Enochs, 39, of Ranger, W.Va., on two counts of possession of drugs (F4).

All those named in this story are presumed innocent of all charges until or unless proven guilty in a court of law. The grand jury also issues secret indictments, and those are not made public until after arrests are made.

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