Arrests of several individuals resulted from search warrants executed by law enforcement earlier this week, according to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

Pike County Interim Sheriff James E. Nelson reported that shortly after midnight on Monday, May 18, multiple deputies and officers from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Piketon Police Department, Waverly Police Department, Pike County Adult Probation and Portsmouth Police Department executed two narcotic search warrants.

“These warrants were served at a residence in Moore Meadows Apartment in Piketon and at a residence on Sugar Run Road,” according to Nelson. “Law enforcement officers seized approximately 10 grams of what is believed to be heroin as well as several other smaller bundles of what also is believed to be methamphetamine. Two firearms were recovered, one of which was stolen, a stolen vehicle and over $4,000 in cash. In addition to the items seized, several individuals were initially taken into custody at both locations.”

Nelson extended his appreciation for the Portsmouth Police Department SWAT Team for their assistance in the execution of these warrants. The details of this investigation are ongoing with pending charges, according to Nelson.

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