Pike County Health District

Matt Brewster of the Pike County Health District accepts a donation of heaters and propane tanks from the Waverly Eagles Club.

While the team at the Pike County Health District has been working tirelessly to manage the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and administer vaccinations to the county, they recently had some equipment stolen. Among the outdoor equipment that was stolen were heaters that were being used to keep healthcare workers warm while working outdoors in the cold weather.

The Waverly Eagles Club stepped up to assist, donating multiple heaters and propane tanks to the Health District this week. In a statement issued through the Health District’s Facebook page on Thursday, Pike Co. Health Commissioner Matt Brewster said the following, “A huge thanks to the Waverly Eagles Club and Bryan Roberts for the very generous donation of 2 patio heaters and propane tanks to help keep our workers and volunteers warm — and replace ours that were stolen. The motto of the Eagles Club is “People Helping People” and they showed that with this generous donation. We are thankful to live in such a great community!”

As far as the latest statistics regarding COVID-19 in the county, there are currently 54 active cases, 10 new cases, and 14 new recoveries as of Thursday evening. There have been 26 COVID related deaths in the county and there are currently eight individuals who are hospitalized as a result of the virus. There have been a total of 2,165 cases reported in Pike County since the pandemic began.

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