I decided to write a short story on the Omega School after Tyrone Hemry’s column ran in January. (The included photos ran with Hemry’s column on Jan. 31, 2021.)

In the 1930s, my mother Dorothy, her sisters Jean and Matilda, and brothers all went to the Omega School. The brothers consisted of Jim, Jack, John and Richard. Richard passed away at 11 years old. This was the Scott family from Higby Road.

All the kids walked a long lane to the school bus. The school bus was a boxed in affair drawn by a team of mules. And when the weather got muddy, four mules pulled the school bus.

When all the kids finally got to school, they were greeted by their teachers and one of the teachers was M.O. Scott.

My great uncle Cliff hauled coal to the Omega School with a box bed in a wagon and a team of mules.

A load of coal was hauled by rail to Omega and there was a side track where the coal car was unhooked.

People would come for miles to get coal. I don’t know if the Scott kids were in that picture or not, but I assume some of them were.

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