The Patrol is urging motorists to use caution this weekend as the 58th annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley will travel through several counties including Pike County on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19.

According to a press release from the Circleville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, around 800 bicyclists are expected to take the tour from Canal Winchester, Ohio to Portsmouth on Saturday, and return to Canal Winchester on Sunday.

The media release from Lt. Steven K. Herron, Circleville Post Commander, describes the route TOSRV participants will take:

“Bicyclists will be traveling on High Street in Canal Winchester onto W. Columbus Street then onto Washington Street where they will continue onto Canal Winchester South Road. The bicyclists will enter into Pickaway County from Walnut Creek Pike where they will travel to Ted Lewis Park in Circleville. Bicyclists will then travel through Circleville traveling onto US Route 22 then to State Route 104 where they will travel into Ross County. The bicyclists will travel to Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe where lunch and entertainment will be provided.

“From Yoctangee Park bicyclists will travel through downtown Chillicothe to State Route 772, then to Cooks Hill Road. The route will then take Cooks Hill Road to State Route 104 to Three Locks Road and then onto Higby Road. The route will take bicyclists from Higby Road to State Route 335 into Pike County. Once the bicyclists arrive in Waverly, they will pick up US 23 for a short distance. Then the bicyclists will pick up State Route 104/Lake White Road and then travel to State Route 73 back onto State Route 104 S ramp to Portsmouth.”

Troopers will “work with the tour to attempt to make the event as safe as possible for the participants and the motoring public,” the media release stated. “The Patrol asks local residents to stay alert for bicyclists and respect their right to the roadway.”

Ham radio operators will assist with communications for the bicyclists.

To report an emergency or other problems, contact the Circleville State Highway Patrol Post at 740-983-2538 or by calling #677.

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