Pictured from left: Techia Potter, Executive Director of Pike Outreach; Sherré Kinnison, Shelter Coordinator; and Michele Brown, General Manager of Brown Federal Services.

Jason Brown is the Founder and CEO of Brown Federal Services, LLC, and Michele Brown, Jason’s wife, is General Manager. Brown Federal Services is a federally contracted project management firm that supplies hard-to-find technical resources to government-run nuclear sites across the country.

When asked “Why do you feel this charity is important?” Jason Brown responded, “It’s really simple… We should help the homeless because they need our help. Look, I have been down. I have been in a position where I was wondering where I was going to get the money to pay for rent and food. But I was lucky enough to have the support structure to keep my head above water until I could figure it out. I know a lot of people that have been there. But what if I didn’t have that support? What if I didn’t have someone to give me a hand when I went through my last dollar and rent was due? Would that make me less deserving?

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