Eleven-year-old Gabriel Montgomery, son of Erin-Faith Neufarth and Matthew Montgomery, cares deeply about children battling illness at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Hoping to help in some way, Gabriel came up with a plan to buy toys for the hospitalized children: a cupcake fundraiser.

“He has made nearly 400 cupcakes so far and the orders keep coming in,” said Gabriel’s mother, Erin-Faith Neufarth, children’s librarian at the Garnet A. Wilson Public Library in Waverly. “He wants to make cupcakes throughout the month of October so he can raise as much money as he can, and the proceeds raised will be donated in November.”

“He wants to quit taking orders at the end of October,” Neufarth added. “His goal is to raise $150 dollars for St. Jude’s, $100 to buy toys for Nationwide Children’s hospital, and whatever is left he wants to donate to the fire departments because his uncle and cousin just lost their house in a fire two years ago, and his father just lost his house last month in a fire. If there is anything left, he wants to donate it to the library to donate for the new building.

“Cupcakes are being made per request,” Neufarth said. “We are filling orders daily, with doing the bulk of our baking on the weekends so we can deliver them on Sundays and Mondays.”

The project is a group effort by the Neufarth family.

“When I help with the cupcakes, mom lets me stir up all the batter and I scoop it up into the cupcake pans, “ Gabriel said. “I also like picking out the cupcake liners for the cupcakes. She does the icing and then I do the decorations. My Aunt Kaitee helps us a lot too, along with my Mamaw Ruby.”

The family is currently making strawberries and cream, double chocolate, lemon, pumpkin spice, french vanilla, and Fun Fetti-flavored cupcakes.

“Gabriel chose the cupcake flavors himself,” Neufarth said. “I discovered the poster he had drawn up and the menu he had in his room and when I asked him about it, he told me his plans.”

The family is currently making six cupcakes per order but more than six at a time can be ordered, according to Neufarth.

“Since I work at the library, most people are coming in to pick them up, however, I have no issue with dropping the cupcakes off to each person,” Neufarth said.

Gabriel refers to the project as “Cupcakes for the Cure.”

According to Gabriel, commercials about childhood cancer and childhood cancer awareness inspired him to start a fundraiser for children battling cancer.

“I have been in and out of hospitals a lot and it makes me sad when kids have to spend a lot of time there,” said Gabriel. “I have epilepsy and have had a lot of sickness and nine surgeries on my nose and ears. It gets hard being sick and staying sick.”

“I wanted to help the kids out at St. Jude and Nationwide and knew that since me and my mom live in the country that we couldn’t do a lemonade stand because we are too far out, so I came up with cupcakes,” Gabriel said. “If I can raise money so they can help with cures and treatments, that is less time in the hospital and more time at home being a kid ... I want to help the kids at St. Jude and I want to help the kids at Nationwide by donating money so they can purchase toys. If they have to stay there, they shouldn’t have to be bored.”

“(Gabriel) has always had a massive heart and been wise beyond his years,” Neufarth said. “He cares so much for so many and wants to do his part in making the world a kinder place! He has so much faith in the Lord and feels you have one life, so take time to spread a little kindness! I am just so proud of him!”

To place a cupcake order, contact Erin-Faith on Facebook or by phone at 740-835-4797.

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