The village of Piketon announced this week that the parking lot of their government headquarters will now be a pickup location for Kroger.

Piketon Mayor Billy Spencer said Kroger introduced the idea and it seemed like a good fit, “I was approached by Kroger and they told us there was a need for a pickup location in our area. We felt that this would be something that would benefit our community and we addressed at our latest meeting on Tuesday. We will be using the parking lot at 411 South West Street in Piketon for Kroger pickup.”

Kroger has released some flyers with information regarding the introduction of this new pickup area, and Spencer says the public has seemed to embrace the idea so far. Citizens of Piketon and the surrounding area will now have two grocery delivery options in town with Ritchies Marketplace already offering a similar service.

As far as how the Kroger delivery works, Spencer says the process is quite simple. First, customers go to Kroger’s website and select the Piketon location under “Hometown Delivery”. Next, the customer places their order and gives a day and time for delivery. Kroger then runs a delivery truck to and from the location for customer pickup.

The service has already begun and is available to all customers in the area.

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