Thank You Teachers!

Pike Christian Academy is celebrating “Teacher Appreciation Week” with other schools across the nation, utilizing the front lawn and entryway to honor those teachers who walk through the school’s doors.

The banner attached to the railing on the front porch entry reads, “PIKE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY CELEBRATES TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK”, and below that “THANKS” is spelled out on red apples. Below the apples, the caption reads, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”

Eight different signs decorate the lawn in front of the banner, including one pencil sign shaped like a heart that says, “THANK YOU TEACHERS!” It is surrounded by seven red apple-shaped signs with thank you sayings.

The following sayings were printed on the red apple signs: 1. Thank you for getting up early. 2. Thank you for providing guidance. 3. Thank you for being committed. 4. Thank you for being a good influence. 5. Thank you for teaching us new things. 6. Thank you for believing in us. 7. Thank you for being generous.

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