Atomic Credit Union would like to congratulate the Jasper Elementary Redstreaks Student-Run Credit Union on ranking first place in the student-run credit union program during the 2018/2019 school year! At Jasper Elementary, the teaching staff is very supportive of the credit union. The teachers request applications when new students enroll, and they carefully monitor their homeroom classes to make sure that all students make their deposits. Some of the teachers track the money pouches in their classroom and monitor the process with weekly reminders.

During the 2018/2019 school year, the Jasper Elementary Redstreaks Student-Run Credit Union had a total of 172 members, 51 percent of their student body! The students conducted 2,234 transactions and operated for a total of 31 weeks. Dr. Jennings Crabtree, Jasper Elementary School counselor, is the program champion and says, “Principal Conley and I try to utilize large-scale events as opportunities to enroll more students. We increase enrollment efforts at Open House, Redstreaks Pride Night, kindergarten registration and parent-teacher conferences. Next year we hope to utilize the central office enrollment system and coordinate more effort there.”

Some of the Jasper Elementary teachers incorporate discussions on financial education when it applies to their curriculum, and Principal Conley praises the students and visits the credit union when they make deposits. The teachers also generate enthusiasm by asking the students questions about their prizes and engaging in conversation about their deposit experience. Alexis Shewalter, a second-grade student, said she is saving her money for King’s Island this summer and is also putting some back for college. Another second-grade student, Cadence McDowell, is saving her money for college.

Atomic Credit Union and Jasper Elementary school plan to provide the Redstreaks Student-Run Credit Union to all grade levels next year so all students will have the opportunity to begin saving for a healthy financial future. The credit union has become an important part of the culture at Jasper Elementary and Principal Conley, along with Dr. Jennings Crabtree, look forward to supporting the lifelong habit of financial literacy and practice with their students

Atomic Credit Union serves 50,000 members at 13 branch locations in Southern Ohio and also operates a total of 40 student-run credit union branches in local area schools. In addition to brick and mortar branches, Atomic offers 24/7 access to your account through their Mobile App and Digital Banking.

To learn more about Atomic Credit Union’s youth and financial education programs, visit or call Atomic Credit Union Director of Financial Education Andy Eisnaugle at 800.652.2328 extension 1265.

Atomic Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA.

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