The Pike County Board of Commissioners have announced a plan to provide EMS services to the county through MedCare in the future. There are a lot of steps to be completed to make this happen, but the plan is being put in place.

The Pike County Commissioners released the following statement via their Facebook page yesterday at 4pm.

“As you may know by now the Pike County Board of Commissioners have entered into contract negotiations for MedCare to provide EMS service to Pike County beginning February 1st 2021.

Our goal is and has been to provide the best possible EMS service to all Pike Countians and we have full confidence that this decision provides for that.

To ease in the transition the Board is currently reviewing a severance package for all employees who are currently active with Pike EMS.

Additionally, tax levy dollars, including the most recent levy passed in 2019, will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners and the Pike County Budget Committee in the weeks and months ahead to ensure all applicable tax laws are followed. In short, any taxes collected that are not required to provide EMS service under our agreement with MedCare will go uncollected moving forward.

More information will be released in the weeks ahead.

Thank You,

Pike County Board of Commissioners”

The News Watchman will continue to provide updates on this development as they come.

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