The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health (ADAMH) Services Board recognizes the outstanding work by behavioral health care workers.

Trained professionals have been and continue to be available for our communities as this pandemic unfolds. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselors are on the front lines daily, assisting individuals with their anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, as well as supporting individuals in recovery.

This important work has not gone unnoticed by the Paint Valley ADAMH Board. Thank you banners are being erected in the week at each behavioral health care clinic and residential centers in the five-county service district. Behavioral Healthcare workers will also receive wearable “I am a BH Hero” buttons to let everyone know how much the Paint Valley ADAMH Board values their commitment to treating and preventing mental health and substance use disorders in our service district.

Executive Director Dehner stated, “I have been so impressed with the level of commitment Behavioral Health Workers have shown during this pandemic. They show up every day to face the challenges, assist clients and community members with compassion and excellence. Saying ‘thank you’ just does not seem enough, but we wanted to show our support.”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Acknowledging the need and reducing stigma surrounding mental health treatment is critical, not only during this pandemic, but every day. Reaching out to talk with someone is not failure; it is an important first step in total wellness. Help reduce the stigma by sharing your story and not being afraid. Educate yourself and others about the facts of mental illness. Mental health disorders are treatable, just as physical diseases are treatable. Seek professional help when needed, and, most importantly, show empathy to others.

Behavioral Healthcare is Healthcare, and facilities are open and accepting patients. For a complete listing of agencies, please visit our website or call 740-773-2283 for a referral.

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