After the announcement came Monday that Ohio classrooms would not reopen for the duration of the school year, schools across the state joined together to light up football stadiums and other facilities to honor the class of 2020.

The following Tweet was issued on Twitter by Ohio High School Athletic Association Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass on Sunday evening, April 19, “S/O (shout out) to schools all across the state tomorrow (4/20) at 8:20 (20:20 Military time) when they light up their stadiums for 20 minutes showing respect for all the class of 2020 has had to give up during this crisis.”

At Waverly High School, the football stadium at Raidiger Field was lit at 8:20 p.m. with the time of 20:20 listed on the scoreboard, as well as the number 20 emblazoned on both the home side and the away side scores, completing another 2020.

Waverly High School seniors were asked to park in the upper lot, remain in their cars and leave a space in between each car. Parents and families were told to park in the bottom lot. Some horn honking and engine revving ensued, as well as an impromptu parade of cars driving around the upper and lower parking lots and honking.

A short video clip, taken from the top of the stadium, is available to view online at or within the story online. A photo gallery is also available for viewing.

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