WAVERLY- Last week, Waverly City Schools and Flour-BWXT celebrated their partnership with exchanges of an award and school supplies.

Showing gratitude for FBP’s support of the district’s Community Outreach & Parent Engagement program, Waverly City Schools Superintendent Ed Dickens presented the award to Fluor-BWXT, the U.S. Department of Energy contractor leading the cleanup efforts at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon.

The district says, without the assistance of FBP, it would not be able to provide programs such as COPE.

Later, Flour-BWXT donated school supplies to Waverly Primary School.

Previously this year, FBP donated $2,000 to the program that provides a wide range of resources to students such as food, clothing and medical/utility assistance, as well as assisting graduates find jobs or housing.

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