Campbell, Damon

Waverly manager Damon Campbell was among the 390 McDonald’s Restaurant owners worldwide to receive the Ray Kroc Award.

WAVERLY— A local McDonald’s manager has been awarded with a Ray Kroc Award, an accolade that recognizes the top performing McDonald’s Restaurant Managers globally.

Damon Campbell, a Waverly native, has been with the McDonald’s restaurant on West Emmitt Avenue since its 2018 rebuild. The honor was one that he attributed to the people that surround him.

“I have great managers and a great crew,” he said in a Friday interview. “I’ve always taught and preached to that if you want to be successful in this business, you got to surround yourself with great people.”

Campbell has been with McDonald’s for 13 years and has been vying for this award- given to the top 1% of restaurant managers across the globe- for many years. Keeping the restaurant fully-staffed, he said, was among his primary goals which led to the honor that he received earlier this month.

He was presented with his award — a cash prize and a trophy- by his team and the Fewster Family McDonald’s senior leaders.

With that cash prize, his plans remain uncertain, but he plans on continuing to serve the restaurant for years to come.

Currently, the McDonald’s is asking its customers to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

“Our county is one of the biggest supporters and users of the Ronald McDonald House,” Campbell said.

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