In accordance with the guidelines put in place by the state of Ohio, the Pike County General Health District began administering COVID-19 vaccinations on Monday morning. The Ohio Department of Health recently unveiled its plan for administering the vaccine throughout the state, with the first phase of that plan (phase 1A) including individuals with the greatest occupational risk for exposure to and/or transmission of the virus.

The Pike Health District began its distribution process on Monday morning with Emergency Medical Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians who work throughout the county. The next stop was Bristol Village in Waverly, where the vaccine was made available to hospice staff, home health staff, and others who provide care.

Nearly 50 people were expected to receive the vaccine by the end of the day on Monday and according to Pike County Health Commissioner Matt Brewster, that is only the beginning, “We currently have two hundred doses that were included in our first allotment. How far we get (in administering vaccines) will be directly dependent on how many doses we receive.” Brewster also indicated that the Ohio Department of Health’s program directly controls the steps the county health district will take, “Occupations such as dental providers, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers are included in phase 1A, so we’re targeting those first and then we move onto the next phase.”

That next phase, phase 1B of the plan, includes first responders and school employees, which Brewster expects to use up a large amount of doses, “After we complete 1A, 1B will take up a lot of doses, and then after we complete that phase we will move on to the general public. The main thing is that we get doses to those who need them and don’t let any go to waste.”

The Health District clearly has a plan in place to distribute the vaccines they are allotted in the most efficient way possible. Monday was a big day in setting that plan in motion.

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