Letter writer urges ‘no’ vote on health department levy

Editor, News Watchman,

Well the time has come again for the Health Dept. to run another additional levy for operation of their business. It was my thought that when the Health Dept. realigned employees and got rid of the higher paying salaries they were on the right track to fix their problems. Evidently I was incorrect as they are running an additional levy and this time it would be for 10 years. They of course are running it in the Primary as that is when the voter turnout is at its lowest and they figure it has a better chance of being approved. I again state that I am tired of paying taxes on everything just because I own land and my home. If you let this pass do not let me hear you complain about taxes when you have the chance to STOP it now. I further believe if you do not own property you should not be allowed to vote on levies. This could easily be checked as you just utilize a computer and pull up real estate records. If your name is not there then you vote on no levy. If you are like me, tired of paying for everything coming and going, JUST SAY NO!!!!

Sherry Johnson

Waverly, OH

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