Waverly resident supporting Kathleen Clyde for Ohio Secretary of State

Editor, News Watchman,

Kathleen Clyde is from a small Ohio town like Waverly. She is a graduate of the OSU College of Law and is a Representative to the Ohio General Assembly.

Kathleen was saddened when several Ohioans — even some who honorably served our country in the military — were purged from the voter rolls. She also disliked the attempt to limit voting days & hours and the closing of some voting sites which resulted in long lines on voting days.

Kathleen plans to update the election process and bring fairness, accountability and transparency to the office. Kathleen is a staunch believer in fair voting districts, not gerrymandered districts.

Your vote for Kathleen Clyde for Secretary of State will be a vote for fair and secure elections.

Hillary Lewis

Waverly, Ohio

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