{div}Those who identify with following Jesus are usually satisfied with being comfortable and cozy in their religious styles. Let’s just say that suffering for God is not on their bucket list. When we take a peek at the last six thousand years, we learn that countless numbers of people who loved the Lord literally gave their lives for Him. It’s only within our modern secluded religious environment that we assume persecutions and deaths no longer happen. By no means of the imagination is this true. According to Open Doors World Watch List, in 2022 many Christians were imprisoned and killed for their faith, and countless churches were attacked and closed. Last year, 360 million Christians, or 1 in 7 believers around the world, experienced horrific persecution for their faith. With over 6,000 martyrs in 2022, this means an average of 16 believers were murdered every day just for following Jesus. When we accept Christ into our lives, many are focused on Him being a Savior instead of Him being their{/div}

Lord, as the latter involves not only living for Him but possibly dying for Him.

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