Elizabeth Parkmour and her daughter, Lucy, lived on the land where Lake White State Park is today. One unusually warm Oct. 31 evening, Elizabeth and Lucy decided to walk down to the canal’s edge and have a open air lunch.

After eating the meal, the daughter told her mother she was going for a walk a little further upstream and would be back shortly. Time passed and as the sun began to drop low in the western sky, Elizabeth began to worry. She set off in the direction her Lucy had gone calling her name. She became more and more concerned and franticly searched for her beloved daughter.

Morning came and even though the sheriff and others searched throughout the next days and nights, no sign of the girl’s whereabouts was found. However, Elizabeth and her neighbor, Otto Loess, had been having problems over his continued unwanted attention paid to Lucy. As time went on and no trace of Lucy was discovered, Elizabeth convinced herself that a Loess, his entreaties spurned, had murdered the girl then hidden the body.

With her two mighty wolfhounds, she searched the canal and riverbanks for days, weeks then months turning into years. As the year passed the Elizabeth became more and more despondent. She never found the slightest trace of her daughter and finally, became so grief stricken she no longer wished to live. She waited for the spring rains to swell the canal and river then went to the where the water was deepest and threw herself into the raging current.

Her two faithful dogs instantly leaped in to save their mistress, but alas all were drowned. Even her sudden and tragic death was not enough to cause the Elizabeth to end her search. On chilly foggy nights and every Halloween, she and her two dogs rise from those waters now known as Lake White, and together they roam through the area surrounding the lake searching and occasionally calling for her daughter.

Because of her pale, almost translucent visage, the spirit of Elizabeth is known as the Gray Lady. She is definitely not a friendly spirit, especially towards men. She often seeks vengeance for her daughter’s disappearance by harassing and even attempting to drown men she finds on or near the lake. There are more than a few times when she has chased frightened men and boys enough to cause them to capsize boats in their panic. Or dive from the boat to escape her wrath.

She has suddenly appeared in roadways causing male drivers to swerve and strike trees. After one of those wrecks, she will scream into the car and shake the vehicle violently. As much as the Gray Lady wants vengeance on the men, she has never bothered any females, even those accompanying the men she hates so much.

Every Halloween, men attempting to prove how brave they really are by visiting Lake White and walking along the water’s edge near the state park just about midnight. Their encounters all end the same way; screaming and drained of color, they clamor from the park in terror.

The vision of the Gray Lady forever a part of each nightmare!

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