Amy Hawk

Amy Hawk

Of the 37% of the Baby Boomers planning to relocate in retirement, 42% say they would prefer a smaller home.

At Bristol Village, we hear this story frequently in conversations with prospective residents who are getting ready to downsize. They express the hurdles associated with homeownership, from general upkeep of everyday appliances to outdoor maintenance such as snow removal or planting flowers in their garden.

As seniors get closer to retirement age, we understand they’re eager to remain independent in their homes while finding ways to simplify their life and create more time for the activities they love. That’s why senior independent living communities are committed to developing living spaces and communal hubs for seniors that allow them to retire with peace of mind.

Senior Independent Living Communities can offer a unique take on retirement living with independent homes and a variety of amenities. When Seniors select home in a senior community they can be signing up for worry-free living.

Their new home can include all the expected exciting features such as new counter tops, flooring and fresh paint with the opportunity for additions such as sun rooms, patios and more, to help create the perfect home.

Along with ensuring your new home has all of the amenities you could need in retirement, the community can offer included home maintenance, snow removal and lawn care.

Other amenities can include beautiful walking paths that are cleared and surfaced so you’re free to safely explore your neighborhood and enjoy all of the sights and sounds southern Ohio has to offer.

Additional amenities to look for include outdoor gathering spaces, exercise spaces, areas for our furry friends to run and play, space to share a meal, and other spaces to fit your lifestyle now and in the future. The activities and services you need throughout retirement go beyond the walls of your independent home.

Onsite healthcare can reduce worry and allow you to focus on settling into your new space and discovering your passions in retirement. This includes taking part in community and resident-led activities, from ballroom dancing to painting, woodworking to singing, and of course travel (remember not having to worry about your home), all to follow your passions and to forge new friendships with fellow residents.

Our homes here in Bristol Village is a truly independent senior living community, while still offering the services and amenities to make your life simple, enjoyable and fulfilling.

We invite you to walk our quiet neighborhood and jog our quiet streets and when you are ready to join our neighborhood, where waving to passersby is sort of required and you may even catch someone cutting their lawn, because they want to.

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